Yoga Meditation & WorkshopsYoga Meditation & Workshops

Meditation, Instruction and Practice

What can you expect?
In this mindful meditation , you will be guided into this practice gently and kindly, simply in the beginning, and progressing into the more challenging places of meditation practice towards the end of the session.  The focus is awareness of the thoughts, and how they affect the mind and the physical body…and then progressing to releasing the thoughts, mind and body.  This practice, and accompanied home practice, may support you towards a calmer mind, a less tense body, and a sense of control over the thoughts, and physical tension.

Who may Benefit?
Individuals living with:

  • Physical, emotional, mental illness
  • Anxiety / Depression
  • Stress
  • General malaise or racing thoughts
  • A wish to meditate for their own sense of peace and enjoyment

Fee:  80.00 for 10 class
When:  Wednesday, September 27th – Wednesday, November 29th
Time: 5:30-6:30 PM

Class Descriptions

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