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About Penny

Penny has been teaching Yoga since 2009, and regularly attends additional yoga education both in Canada and the United States (please see below). Her 22 years of experience as a Registered Nurse in the Operating Room enhances her ability to support you in your practice no matter what you bring to the mat. Her professional nursing life has enhanced her ability to visualise safety in the movement of a Yoga Student and to support that student in feeling that too. Normal anatomical alignment, and the mental connection to the muscles and their movement are her joy. She feels that her teaching is enhanced by her experience in the Operating Room, where it was part of her responsibility to position patients safely for surgery for hours at a time to prevent post surgical injury. Penny is excited to support you in your journey into yourself, your mind and your body.

Penny is especially proud and honored to be the most experienced specialist in the Greater Simcoe County area in the Practice and Teaching of Relax and Renew ™ Restorative Yoga. She has trained extensively in the US and Canada with Judith Hanson Lasater (Please read about Judith below) and regularly assists her in the United States in training yoga instructors the science and magic of Restorative Yoga. Penny is a Certified Relax and Renew ™ Restorative Level One, and is currently writing her paper for Certification in Relax and Renew ™ Restorative Yoga Level 2. Penny is convinced that “doing less and feeling more” is the core of the future of yoga, and humankind.

Penny is retired from nursing, and currently enjoys teaching both classes and private yoga from her own home studio, in workplaces and client homes, and in her travels with Judith. She is married to Bill, a former Junior Hockey Player with the Niagara Falls and North Bay Centennials, Professional Hockey Player with the Hartford Whalers Farm Team, and currently a high school Physical Education Teacher and owner of Concept Hockey International, a local hockey school. Penny’s son is an outdoor specialist and product consultant and recently completed the Pacific Crest Trail, Mexico to Canada. Penny enjoys hiking, quilting, and spending time alone, or in intimate conversations about struggles, love and life with students, friends and family. A blessing in her life has been the friends that she has made through the world of her yoga. She seeks Peace, in herself, and on Earth.

Information about Judith Hanson Lasater:

  • Student of BKS Iyengar
  • Author of 9 Yoga Books
  • President of the California Yoga Teachers Association which she co-founded in 1974
  • Founder of the Iyengar Yoga Institute in San Francisco
  • Founder of “The Yoga Journal” Magazine
  • Holds a doctorate in East West Psychology
  • Physiotherapist
  • International Yoga Instructor
  • Named the Most Influential Yoga Teacher in the USA over the last 40 years by Yoga Journal in 2015 on their 40th anniversary…voted by other yoga teachers

Yoga Qualifications:

  • “Restorative Yoga Family Reunion and Retreat” Helena Montana, Judith Hanson Lasater and Lizzie Lasater,
    — August 2018, 30 hours
  • Pranayama Intensive, Judith Hanson Lasater, Yellow Springs, Ohio.
    — May 2017, 22.5 Hours
  • Dr. Ray Long, Yoga Practitioner, Orthopedic Surgeon, FRCSC, Author
    — March/April 2017, Science of Stretching, 2 hours
    — March/April 2017, Biomechanics Fundamentals, 5.5 hours
    — March/April 2017, Inhale Knowledge, Exhale Safety, 6 hours
  • Assistant to Judith Hanson Lasater, Relax and Renew® Level 1
    — November 2018, Rochester, New York
    — March 2017, New York City
    — October 2016, Royal Oak, Michigan
    — September 2015, Rochester, New York
  • Completion of Relax and Renew®, Level 2,
    — August 2015, San Francisco, California
  • Certified Relax and Renew® Restorative Yoga Practitioner, Level 1
  • Georgian College Yoga Teacher Training Examiner
  • Current Member of The Yoga Network of Canada
  • Spinal Integration-5 Day Yoga Intensive with Donna Farhi-
    — 2010, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 10 Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat
    — 2010, Ontario Vipassana Centre, Egbert, ON
  • LSS Standard First Aid and CPR C
    — 2010, City of Barrie
  • 10 Hours of Classes with Neschali Joy Devi, author of "The Secret Power of Yoga", and "The Healing Path of Yoga"
    — 2010, Toronto Yoga Conference
  • One Day, 6 Hour Seane Corn Intensive, Detox Flow
    — 2009, Toronto Yoga Conference
  • Georgian College Yoga Teacher Training
    — 2009, 200 hour course

Health Related Qualifications:

Although I left nursing in 2004, it was my pleasure to have worked in this field, and has helped me extensively in my ability to visualize my yoga practice, understand and relate to workplace or personal stress, and endeavor to understand the physical issues of my students. However, I stress that I am not a diagnostician, and therefore it is important that students undertaking a yoga practice seek the advice of their healthcare practitioner/s.

  • Registered Nurse
    • College of Nurses of Ontario
  • 22 Years Operating Room Experience:
    • Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Ontario
    • Mount Carmel Hospital, Columbus, Ohio
    • Royal Victoria Hospital, Barrie, Ontario
  • Operating Room Certification
    • Canadian Nursing Association
  • Extensive experience as an O.R. Registered Nurse in the surgical specialties of:
    • Thoracic, Orthopedic, General, ENT, Gynecology, and Dental surgeries (Including Oncology, Acute or Chronic Injury, Total Joint Replacement, and Scope and Laser Surgical Techniques)

If you have any questions regarding our style of practice at Sweetwaters Yoga, concerns about wether yoga is right for you, or anything else regarding yoga, please feel free to call or write, and I will do my very best to assist you in any way I can.


When I do restorative yoga, every part of me calms down. Muscles, I didn't even know were tense, let go. My mind slows. Time passes without me noticing. I feel like warm wax. I am completely in the present moment; the past and future receed.

To achieve deep relaxation, I need to feel 'safe'. Penny creates an environment that permits me to relax. She watches, adjusts, guides, and soothes. Penny is completely non-judgemental and will help you learn to be kind to yourself.

I was 40, with a newborn and a chronic bad back when I first took a class from Penny. Restorative yoga helped me in a way that pain killers, physiotherapists, and chiropractors never did. I am so grateful that I stumbled into her class one day. I couldn't recommend her, and restorative yoga, more highly.

- Beth Dewey

A true story….

It’s been my pleasure exploring Yoga with Penny at Sweetwaters and I welcome you to join me at class. When I first began 3 years ago I had difficulty maintaining my balance and trying to sit cross legged (never mind trying to focus on breath, body, mind and spirit).  I’ve persevered over the years and trust Penny to help guide me through the Yoga.  There is absolutely no judgment or competition in class.  You can attend ad hoc, once a week or more.  Plus there is an intensive week long Peace Camp offered annually for those who want an intense challenge.  I’ve done all of the above at any given time and even went to the Peace Camp this past March.  Now I want to tell you why:

Penny is an expert instructor and through her direction you will receive a holistic yoga workout that challenges you mentally and physically.  Yoga really is all about self awareness and as I become more and more familiar with the postures and practice of Yoga, I can safely say I’ve learned so much about myself and am getting stronger.

Your body will experience blockages that can be released through Yoga. If you have specific pain, Penny will guide you to adjust postures based on your personal situation.  You will learn and celebrate your strengths.

Penny’s extensive professional background in health science plus her certified Yoga accreditation is evident and valuable on many levels while instructing the class.  I can attest that you will become stronger, more self aware and feel lighter as physical or mental blockages are released and healed through Yoga. 

If you are exhausted, injured, stressed, bored, broken, healthy or happy I can tell you Yoga at Sweetwaters will meet your needs.

I invite you to come a join me at a welcoming, tranquil space for any age/gender.  There are no distractions except for a backdrop view of trees.  You will receive a total Yoga workout from warm up to posture work to relaxation/meditation.  Classes are affordable and have many perks including Penny’s wise and interesting stories & teachings, plus plenty of water, blankets, pillows & mats.

Come join me – I’ll be the one close to the fireplace!

- Namaste, Sharon


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